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Data Management

Canonical understands the importance of getting the right information to the right people at the right time. We have established many Data Management capabilities.

Data Sharing

Our method and automation approach ensure business semantics are linked to technical implementations, providing traceability between understanding and technical solutions.

Digital Transformation

Canonical Solutions has helped numerous customers with the remaking of the organisations business model and business processes using technology.

Data Analytics

Ensure that predictive analytics and business intelligence is built using well defined and managed data resulting in trusted insights.

Strategic Consultancy

We provide thought leadership, unbiased partnership and deep industry knowledge, to assist our customers with a plan to achieve their goals and business outcomes. 



Managing Director

Canonical Solutions is focused on building Data Management capability to manage data as an asset. Our approach ensures that quality data can be discovered, understood and reused, and also used to support Data Analytics and Data Sharing. 

We have proven Data Management approaches that include:

  • People: data architects, business modellers, metadata modellers and message modellers

  • Process: frameworks, guidelines, industry business models and methods

  • Technology: meta Suite (meta Discovery, meta Design and meta Gen)


We enable customers to manage, analyse and share their data in a way that is efficient, effective and reliable. Our solutions are aligned to ISO11179 and the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA - DMBOK).

We have some of the best professionals in the industry, capable of integrating our Data Management methods and processes with the customers' choice of data modelling and metadata tools. or alternatively we can provide a Data Management starter kit of our people, methods and tools (meta Suite), which supports the implementation of efficient and pragmatic Data Management, Data Analytics and Data Sharing solutions for customers.

We have successfully established data management practices for customers including small exemplar projects, larger digital business transformations and we have assisted in the establishment of Chief Data Offices and development of Smart Cities for all tier of government and private sector.

We understand how important it is to empower business to take ownership and management of their data through well-defined data requirements. Our methods ensure that the managed data is used as foundation for Data Analytics and Data Sharing.


Standard Business Reporting

Standard Business Reporting

National Water Market

National Water Market

Australian Business Names

Australian Business Names

Australian Parliament House

Australian Parliament House



Head Office

Level 1, 88-96 Bunda Street

Canberra City - ACT - 2601



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