National Water Market System

NWMS is a whole of government program to provide “more efficient and effective” water management systems to the States and Territories, and water (to its highest value use) for customers.


Canonical Solutions provided solution architecture, strategic advice and business and technical consultancy to the NWMS program.


Canonical Solutions provided strategic advice to the commonwealth on the business benefit, change implications, costing, funding and assisted in the development of the business


Canonical Solutions established effective working communities with the states and territories to assist them in developing their strategic business re-engineering and change programs to support the delivery of the new NWMS IT solution. This involved building relationships with each jurisdiction executive explaining the benefits and change implications to both business and IT.


Canonical Solutions led and assisted jurisdictions in defining their business requirements, business change impacts and has identified the strategic IT implications of integrating with the NWMS IT solution.


Canonical Solutions worked with the jurisdiction IT executives to determine the strategic architecture for IT change. This includes SOA architecture, channel management strategies, implications of online enablement, retire vs enhance IT solutions for many aged and end of life jurisdiction IT systems as well as the more detailed ESB vs messaging solution options.


Canonical Solutions led the development and definition of the NWMS IT solution architecture and documented a solution blueprint that was accepted by all states and territories.